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Vision – the pariah word for Managers?

  What is your Vision? Sure, we got a pretty good Vision and Mission statement for the company. We even have our Core Values and we take them very seriously. Everyone joining the company has to go through a one-week orientation programme… Hey, I got to go for a meeting! Oh! You are talking about … Continue reading

‘Leadership Roundtables’ @ Taj Bangalore; 16th Mar 2018

The 2.5 Buttons of Leadership!

Leadership has come to rule the book shelves of both the sellers and buyers of anything to do with organisational management. Publishers, distributors, E-Sellers, practicing managers, students and teachers are constantly visiting the different watering holes of leadership and wondering what they as individuals should, could or have to do as functioning leaders. Even spiritualism … Continue reading

Introduction to ‘ASCENT…’. A book for Leader – Managers!

‘ASCENT – A Practising Manager’s Growth Mantra’, (published by Random House, Gurgaon, India; 2014; ISBN 978 81 8400 623 0). A book on Growth Management with the onus squarely on Leadership is primarily for practising Managers. Foreword by Jonathan Gosling, Professor of Leadership and Co-founder of IMPM. Available on Amazon, Flipkart, Crossword, etc. Links at the … Continue reading

Relationships & Leadership!

What has Relationships got to do with Leadership? Let me start with the assumption that there is no relationship between the two. Leaders in every arena, be it the professional (organisational), family or social, can function successfully without worrying about having to build on relationships with people they work with, live or interact with. It … Continue reading

Necessity is NOT the mother of invention!

Remarkable achievements, transformational change and leaving a powerful impact on others’ minds are topics that always engrossed me. In the early part of my life, I did not have the semantics of today neither did I do things out of reflective choice. Like most, I also did things steered by habits of thinking and action … Continue reading

Are you still searching?

An old friend after reading a recent article of mine asked me this question, ‘Amit, are you still searching?’. My instant response was, ‘Of course, I am. The day I stop searching, I will be dead’. My friend is a good friend and did not pursue further but the lurking shadow of a supplementary kept … Continue reading

A Practising Manager!

A Practising Manager as opposed to a student of management is like the trapeze artist high up in the air, balanced precariously on a bare ledge, while the student of management sits in the audience at the edge of his chair with a management programme in his hands. He is wondering when he will get … Continue reading

Creation & Emptiness!

I just finished the first draft of my first book. For the last four months, it was my most passionate engagement. Anyone around me could catch me drifting back to my book every spare moment I came by. I was shameless in my pursuit of selfishness but honest. As honest as the sparrow hunting the … Continue reading

That was My Way!

Why Not? Why not live again; why not laugh again; why not have fun again? Why not live the same organizational life that I was blessed to lead for the last thirty years. Well, almost 90% of those years was fun, was a challenge, was a life worth living, full of unknown bends, knowing not … Continue reading