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‘Leadership Roundtables’ @ Taj Bangalore; 16th Mar 2018


Relationships & Leadership!

What has Relationships got to do with Leadership? Let me start with the assumption that there is no relationship between the two. Leaders in every arena, be it the professional (organisational), family or social, can function successfully without worrying about having to build on relationships with people they work with, live or interact with. It … Continue reading

Are you still searching?

An old friend after reading a recent article of mine asked me this question, ‘Amit, are you still searching?’. My instant response was, ‘Of course, I am. The day I stop searching, I will be dead’. My friend is a good friend and did not pursue further but the lurking shadow of a supplementary kept … Continue reading

Why ‘Beyond Expectations’

Expectations of yourself, of your family, friends, employers, employees, customers, and competitors are all Limitations. Living within these limitations could be normal and satisfactory for many but there are some people who are leaders as per this author who have preferred to lead their lives ‘beyond expectations’. Most people before being corrupted or reduced to … Continue reading