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Stereotypes & Leadership!

We are all Individuals despite each of us having more in common with the other than we may deign to accept. Our needs, wants, desires, dreams (Drivers) and our tendency to latch on to a certain purpose at each stage of our lives is what makes us different to another. …provided our needs, wants, dreams … Continue reading

Are you at X-Roads?

You are in your late 30s or early 40s, a parent and a manager. You are responsible for steering the future of quite a few people including your own! You have another two decades or so to manoeuvre as a professional, find new purposes, earn good money and be happy with your life. Your financial … Continue reading

The Manager

Nobody told me that I would one day be referred to as a Manager. Nobody told me that to be a manager could be a career objective. Many years after having the word ‘manager’ as a part of my job title, I started to warm up to the word consciously. It took some more years … Continue reading

A Manager’s Journey into the Volitional Arena!

Extract from my book, ‘Ascent – A Practising Managers Growth Mantra’, Random House India (2014) In the year 1998… I had two gold cards from the two top airlines, each with enough miles to reward myself with vacations, anytime I wanted to. The only thing missing was a mental pause to plan vacations. My competitors … Continue reading

Entrepreneur led SMEs & Strategy 2021!

Q1. Do you see your Company running the same way in 2021 as it did Before Covid struck? If your answer is a confident Yes, you do not need to read any further! —————————- Do answer a few more Qs in your own mind… Q2. Who manages today’s survival or excellence tasks in your company? … Continue reading

Executive Coaching for SME Owners!

Executive Coaching | Growth Facilitation for SME Owners/ CEOs over Zoom: – Optimise Cash-flows – Ramp up Sales – Generate new Revenue Streams – Turnaround & Grow your Company & Business …for those who have a Dream and have the Conviction to use a Coach | Facilitator! Block my calendar here for a free Zoom … Continue reading

Destruction to Resurrection – the Indian SMEs!

Banks are flush with liquidity. The CEO of the nation exhorts all of us to become Atmanirbhar (Self Dependent) while the media anchors and industry icons – irrespective of  which side of the political spectrum they wine or dine with – ask us to forget about 2020 or even 2021 and invest for 2022 onwards. It … Continue reading

Who is my father?…asks Economic Growth!

  Economic Growth is the illegitimate child of Capitalism! Of course, one cannot blame the capitalists. It is the mischievous Market that seduces the lascivious capitalist to get maximum footfalls. It is the market that allures and commands the residence time of capital in its heaving bosom. Over the last two decades, we are reminded … Continue reading

It’s all about Business, not Leadership…

  Leadership has been dissected to the core! Thousands of people have pontificated upon as well as practiced the trade or art of leadership and tens of thousands of books & studies have been published (including by this author), particularly over the last two or three decades. More significantly, millions have read most of all … Continue reading

The suffocating Embrace of the functional Frankenstein!

  The functional organisation is fast becoming a Frankenstein! This could result in an implosion of organisations or companies unless ‘management’ finds a formalised structure and approach to tame the ever growing challenge on hand. I say Frankenstein because, the functional organisation was finessed through deliberation and decision rather than normal organisational evolution. Top managements … Continue reading