Why ‘Beyond Expectations’

Expectations of yourself, of your family, friends, employers, employees, customers, and competitors are all Limitations. Living within these limitations could be normal and satisfactory for many but there are some people who are leaders as per this author who have preferred to lead their lives ‘beyond expectations’. Most people before being corrupted or reduced to the lowest common denominator by the constraints of perceived reality have ambitions, aspirations, dreams and even the will to achieve their goals. Even before fatalism catches on for some, the rigours of the short-term make most people settle for compromises or ‘satisfactory underperformance’. Habits formed through living under such limitations are then manifested in how an individual approaches or views the challenges or opportunities thrown up by life at large.

The majority is either oblivious of such individuals living beyond expectations or marvel at them while a minority try to play the catch up game without getting out of their habit forming experiential funnels. Psychologists have proven time and again that the environment in which an individual is imprisoned is responsible for the behaviour and cognizance level. Yet, most organizations, managers & leaders exhort others to ‘change’ without changing the environment or even their own culture or manifestations. Yes, it is either hypocrisy or the short-term comfort of such entities that make them resort to such apparent stupidity.


2 thoughts on “Why ‘Beyond Expectations’

  1. Which would involve such managers and leaders facing into their own shadow side, a daunting prospect even if they were conscious of their internal drivers.

    Posted by Vaughan | August 30, 2012, 3:36 am
    • You are right. It is daunting for sure. But, leadership is no cakewalk. Reflection, Anxiety, making difficult Choices driven by mentally living the post implementation circumstances is what the journey is all about.

      Posted by amitbeyondex | August 30, 2012, 10:05 am

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