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Risk, Management & Leadership!

Between Management & the Future, lies the grand canyon of Risks! Leadership keeps throwing the rope across this canyon, till it hooks onto something and holds! The shouts of caution drown in the shrieks of amazement only to crescendo into a roar of applause as the leader takes the first steps towards the yawning chasm. … Continue reading

Married to Management – II

Management – A Manager’s Profession! What is management all about? I know it could be a huge topic and open up fresh debates for the reader as well as other commentators, if not practitioners. However, being married to management and not daring to define management would be like buying a powerful car only to rev … Continue reading

Leaders & Managers!

  Leaders envisage and facilitate the potential of people who work with them. Good Managers spot the potential instead and utilise the same for fulfilling their objectives. Simple managers just use what is available off the shelf. I call them retail managers. They just use and throw, they denude the human society of all future … Continue reading