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Creation, Volition

Creation & Emptiness!

I just finished the first draft of my first book. For the last four months, it was my most passionate engagement. Anyone around me could catch me drifting back to my book every spare moment I came by. I was shameless in my pursuit of selfishness but honest. As honest as the sparrow hunting the first worm that surfaced with sunrise.

I am done with what I set out to do. Now what? Yes, I know that have to go through the final stages of finding a publisher, refining the book as best as I can and launching it for my readers. But, that is not the same as creating the book. I know that the raw product I have on my hands is the beginning of another journey. It needs to be reared with utmost care, dressed up like a doll and then presented to the outside world. But, that is not creation; that is development. What a pity! Why do I enjoy more the journey of creating roughs!

Creation is easier than facing the emptiness that envelops you once you have finished what you set out to accomplish. It is like walking up a hill through its winding track to witness a glorious sunrise. You wade through the never ending bends and inclines with your head bent down. Once in a while, you look up to see how far the destination is and wonder isn’t it as distant as the last time you peered upwards. You overcome one hurdle after another only to find another boulder looming in front of you, challenging your capabilities and capacities. But, the vision and the mental state that awaits the warmth of the sunrise makes you carry on until you reach the top.  But, having reached the hilltop and soaked in the warmth one realises how temporary a milestone a task fulfilled can be.

An emptiness hangs in silence, no more pregnant with any uncertainty or opposition; One may call you successful but you feel engulfed by desolation; life has come to a standstill, rendered me purposeless. A new search has to begin not for just creating something else, but merely to fulfil the selfish need of gainful engagement. As long as I live, I need to search for something new, something that rubs off its significance on me and makes my life more meaningful. That is probably the life of a human being, unlike that of an animal. An animal is happy to go hunting to fulfil the need of the hour. Man, the perennially wanting animal is never satisfied, never satiated and ever hunting for more and more. Is that right as a way of life? I do not know. As of now, that is the only way I know. That is the only way I understand…to go beyond any expectations!

© Amit Chatterjee



About amitbeyondex

Amit practices as a Change | Growth Facilitator for Individuals, Managers & Organisations. He draws upon over two decades of practical experience in building up people, teams and businesses in Indo - German companies. ‘Beyond Expectations’ (www.beyondex.in) is a growth facilitation service to help Companies & Managers uncover their own positives, priorities, real options and arrive at their own decisions through their own convictions & resolutions. Amit facilitates you to come up with your own definition for Growth, Success and Happiness. He is neither a teacher nor a consultant. He is a practitioner, who dives deep into what is natural and facilitates the discovery of potentials. Amit specialises in mentoring German companies that need to develop their Organisations & Businesses in India. He facilitates the entire process; from Strategy Creation - Change Management - to Execution. He facilitates the Selection & Grooming of Top Management teams; helps the Management to develop appropriate Organisation Design, Structure, Roles & Performance management. He is always available to your Managers as a bouncing board for their ideas and uses question techniques to help people discover Options and make Choices! Amit has been a Guest Faculty at IIM, Bangalore & AIT Business School, Bangkok on Leadership & Change Management. He does workshops on invitation on Growth Management and has conducted such sessions with companies like Lufthansa, Ansell Inc., Cognizant Technologies, WeP Peripherals, Biological E, Magene Biotech, SLN Technologies, DOZCO, etc.


2 thoughts on “Creation & Emptiness!

  1. you seems to have infected with research bug, i wrote a poem sometime back here it is

    Research Bug

    Passing graduation with flying colors
    He knows something about everything
    Post graduation narrows his field
    He wants to know more about something.

    He continues his research on one thing
    His vision widens finds he knows little.
    Yet has to carry out further studies
    When his guide directs to complete his thesis

    He is hungry for knowledge
    Yet to go to the bottom of the thing.
    He is infected with research bug
    His mind shall never be at rest

    But continue his ceaseless search
    Till he is no more.

    Success or failure do not deter him
    Worldly ways does not faze him
    In free state he is always searching
    Never satisfied with what he finds.

    Posted by somnath banerjee | November 21, 2013, 8:07 am

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